I’m Bala. Now a days spending time with mobile is made a new personalities.but people have some addiction without our knowledge due to the trendy lifestyle.

The above topic’s covers that problem. most people commonly take a phone to find

what they want? Where these are available? When we get?

Likewise what? why? where? When? Bla? Bla? We need a Google search,Even we know that.

That comman factor makes fail to recall our brains. The most smart human IQs worked very well with a battery but the comman man remembering system destroyed gently without our knowledge.

Our knowledged terms are converted into the cloud access with Google is mentioned as Google Amnesia.

We have a responsibility to provide a better and confidential world to our future generations, the search engines support us like a brain is really greeted but our brain needs a search engine for everything to remember in future is really hard to hear.


comman man-made problems are converted into a disease

is prove we are in rough evolution. So kindly make a difference to construct a wealthy future generation.

Definitely the memories are not shortlisted by bytes in our mind. these are the key things of our life.

Google definitely supports our life but please remember we are not a search engine. little hard to remember in beginning but  faster it with by practising.

Make a rememberable era.
Contents by BALA




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