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Blog by EXTROSS sᴏᴄɪᴀʟ ᴍᴇᴅɪᴀ ᴀɴᴀʟʏᴛɪᴄs Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing that data to make business decisions. The most common use of social media analytics is to mine customer sentiment in order to support marketing and customer service activities How can it be used for lead generation? With the introduction of social media, humongous amount of unstructured data is produced every second on the internet. This data contains very relevant & useful information about brands, competitors, Industry, consumers’ perception about different product, brands, services, etc. Now-a-days, social media is the connection between brands and consumers. However, most marketers think of social media as a brand amplification or awareness generation tool (and not sales). But social media is an integral part of today’s sales process which helps to know the prospects and establishing relationships. For high-cost product marketers (for example, very high-cost modular kitchens), it is all about lead generation. The sales team is more interested in good and high-quality leads than anything else. The extensive reach of social media grants it potential as one of the most powerful lead generation tools, as social media allows sales people to see what prospects are saying about their brand and competitors. But the enormous size and dis-organized nature of the data makes it very cumbersome to generate actionable insights manually. Luckily, we can overcome this situation easily with the help of Analytics. Social analytics taps and analyzes consumers’ opinions converting them into insights, which helps businesses & marketers in identifying potential leads, areas of customer satisfaction or any customer grievance for a product etc.

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Back end of Websites

Hai viewers,

I’m Bala meet you with glad and greet. The above topic’s cover the basic background process of Website creation and maintaining tactics to be followed for to survival in search engines world.

Blankly we start the topic for to get proper functioning process from the website’s back end.

What is a Search Engine?

It’s simply stated that a platform of maintaining a lots of websites. But that simple statement is too complex now a Days because survival of the billion of websites.

That’s ok it’s belongs to business department we’ll see that later.

Then What is website?

Set of related webpages are under a single domain.
Now What is domain?

Identity of IP addresses, simply said the individual transporter for website to internet.

Ok now stop the lecturing, be cool!!!

Apart from the technological represents

website is a key things to reach your thoughts,business or brands …,to all over the world.

Then I’m a basic and unknown one for these area, I have a time not a money

Not an issue

Many of platform are give a spoon feed the top to end of the creation basics. without cost you get a subdomain.

From here you got a new unique website, you must do something for competitive to billions of websites.

SEO (search engine optimization)

Improving the Process of top shortlisting your website in Search Engine(eg: Google,yahoo).



It’s a White hat process.

Legally optimized your site by improving

Title (search engine ask to your site Who are you? , The title is the answer)

Concept and moto of Your site is title.

Keywords (representative of your sites. Add what are the phenomenon involved in your site)

Perfectly added keywords are really helpful to become a top ranking sites in search engine.

  • If your keywords are inappropriate to your site title search engines has a rights to  block your aites.

Places (where are you?)

Most of the business needs requirements are from very nearer. So add your location via Google maps.

It’ll help to shortlisting while searching based on area.


it’s a black hat process.

Promoting your website in all possible opportunities.

Like add your website links to your friends website.


  • Search Engine Advertising


  • Search Engine Marketing


these two phenomenon plays a good role to promote websites but these are payable.

Put a advertisement like banners on popular sites by paying a amount to the sites.These process is called afflicted marketing.

That above  SEA & SEM are payable.

But the first one is determined by us if you design maturely search engine optimized site. You got a good periodic visitors to your Google analytics you got a good percentages of visitors,definitely you got top ranking while searching.

SEO is not a science, it’s a art!!!



One of most usable invention by man….

In 1679, the French physicist Denis Papin, better known for his studies on steam, invented the steam digester in an attempt to reduce the cooking time of food.which leads to pressure cooker what we are using today. 

As pressure cooking cooks food faster than conventional cooking methods, it saves energy. Pressure is created by boiling a liquid, such as water or broth, inside the closedpressure cooker. The trapped steam increases the internal pressure and allows the temperature to rise      (Wikipedia)

But in some cases

….So handle with care..

………Every thing should have some limitations and handling strategy as like as men…

            ………………………………… Arul?

Google Amnesia


I’m Bala. Now a days spending time with mobile is made a new personalities.but people have some addiction without our knowledge due to the trendy lifestyle.

The above topic’s covers that problem. most people commonly take a phone to find

what they want? Where these are available? When we get?

Likewise what? why? where? When? Bla? Bla? We need a Google search,Even we know that.

That comman factor makes fail to recall our brains. The most smart human IQs worked very well with a battery but the comman man remembering system destroyed gently without our knowledge.

Our knowledged terms are converted into the cloud access with Google is mentioned as Google Amnesia.

We have a responsibility to provide a better and confidential world to our future generations, the search engines support us like a brain is really greeted but our brain needs a search engine for everything to remember in future is really hard to hear.


comman man-made problems are converted into a disease

is prove we are in rough evolution. So kindly make a difference to construct a wealthy future generation.

Definitely the memories are not shortlisted by bytes in our mind. these are the key things of our life.

Google definitely supports our life but please remember we are not a search engine. little hard to remember in beginning but  faster it with by practising.

Make a rememberable era.
Contents by BALA